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Columbine Farms

Clayton, WA

Providing our community with high quality vegetables, fruit, eggs, meat and honey using sustainable methods to ensure minimal impact on the environment and preservation of the land for future generations.

What We Do


Fruits and Vegetables

Unique and hard-to-find varieties of many different fruits and vegetables available May-October

Farm-Fresh Eggs

Healthy birds produce healthy eggs – taste the difference!

Poultry Meat

Custom orders for processed and packaged chicken and duck

Candles & Soaps

Beeswax or paraffin candles in fun shapes and scented soaps

Welcome to Columbine Farms, a new small farm in Clayton, WA. We are excited to share our progress as we develop a blank slate into a functioning farm focused on sustainable agriculture. Please click to read more about me and my farm.
Shelley McCool

Owner, Columbine Farms

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